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21st Century Women


  • Help group members adopt more positive thinking style, improve self-image, and increase their distress tolerance through group “process” and “dynamic”
  • Learn the art of communication – helps members gain better understanding of themselves and their interpersonal style
  • Identify members’ blind spots in their interaction with other people more effectively through group process.
  • Help normalize members’ thoughts and feelings which makes them feel less lonely and different
  • Discuss and share the kind of hurdles that many females are facing in our society nowadays
  • Learn effective stress management

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Chinese Word Learning Can Be Fun!

A different way to engage your children in learning Chinese vocabulary!

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De-stress, Relax, and No Sweat!

To help children gain an understanding of their anxiety, and how to manage stressful emotions in their daily life.

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Consultation For Parents with Children Entering Primary School

To help parents get an idea of what expectations to have for their relationship with their children as they reach primary school age.

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Get To Know Your Child

A workshop to help parents bond with their children, strengthening the caregiver-child relationship to ensure healthy development.

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Socio-Emotional Training for School-aged Children

Skills training for children to improve self-esteem and social well-being.

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Cognitive & Socio-Emotional Training for Preschoolers

Some of us are born with the natural skills to navigate in the social world, yet some of us experience great difficulties.

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Hyperactivity in Children

How can parents accommodate hyperactive children so that they could improve their skills, attitude and motivation in learning?

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